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The Versatile Benefits of Upholstered Cushions In Your Seating

Upholstered Cushions offer an unmatched versatility. These custom cushioned panels can add comfort, texture, and design to any surface. Depending on your personal style and choice of home decor, it is essential to familiarize yourself with different types of cushions. Most cushions serve both functional and decorative purposes, as they are useful for supporting the head, neck, back, or sitting upon and add visual interest.

Not only is cushioning more versatile than ever, it is also more economical. Like a good bed, people have definite preferences for what makes them comfortable when sitting on their upholstered furniture. However, while the quality of construction of your sofa or chairs bears on the seating experience it’s how the back and seat cushions are made that makes the real difference.


Styling choices for upholstered cushions presents many great options. Those options begin with fabrics of course, but how those fabrics are applied and styled can really set your upholstered pads apart as beautiful furniture appointments.


Here are a few Stitching for wrapping and styling your upholstered cushions:

Boxed Plain Seam

Welt Cord Detail

Single Top Stitch

Wrapped Plain Seam

Here are Seaming Stylings Options for wrapping and styling your upholstered cushions:

Button Tufting

Diamond Tufting

Biscuit Tufting

There are so many aspects and options to consider, and among the most confusing is the choice of your back and seat cushions. The applications for upholstered Cushions are nearly endless. They work great as padding for built-in niches, millwork benches, or upholstered walls. Being able to add a plush touch to any surface means you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for design.

Threadz Nola can make any shape, any size, any type of back and seat cushion – made to your exact specs. The client is getting truly custom seating at a better cost and we can easily make the upholstered cushion with great efficiency. Here at Threadz NOLA, we have applied our 30+ years of upholstered furniture manufacturing experience to this hot market to deliver the best quality seating for any project, large or small.We are happy to help you with your upholstered cushion project with a complementary quote. It is easy to get started with us. You can reach out to us by emailing at or give us a call at (504)717-8180 to discuss your upholstery project in detail.

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