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Pros And Cons Of An Upholstered Headboard

When it comes to investment pieces for your home, few get as personal as your bed. Finding a headboard that suits your style and needs is important, given it’s where you start and end your days. So, is an upholstered headboard right for you? Read on to learn more about this luxurious piece and why it may or may not be right for you.

While some people love how they provide major comfort and style, others find them to be high-maintenance and difficult to keep clean and dust-free.

Pros VS Cons

  • Soft and comfortable as in clouds: nothing can beat the comfortability of an upholstered bed: sit, sleep, lay down in it – it’s super functional!

  • Inviting and luxurious style: choose the color of an upholstery fabric as you wish – the options are unlimited!

  • Decorative look: even if you won’t hang any pictures on the walls, even if you won’t hang any curtains and will choose a white color bedding set – your bedroom will still look in style because of this outstanding piece of furniture.


  • Cleaning: The fabric of an upholstered bed requires special regular cleaning,.


Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Considering An Upholstered Headboard:

Does it fit into your sleep routine?

If you watch TV or read in bed at night, upholstered beds with a tall headboard are perfectly designed to provide you with a cushioned support and cultivate a cozy feeling in your bedroom.

Do you have pets?

If you’re a proud pet owner set on an upholstered bed, pick a microfiber option as it’s easiest to clean.

Are you allergic to dust?

If you’re set on an upholstered headboard, consider other materials such as leather, a tightly woven textile, or a “performance” fabric option. These will help keep dust from penetrating into the frame, while also giving you the look you want.

Do you have a small space?

For a small bedroom, an upholstered bed could result in a tight space with narrow walkways. If you must, choose one in white or soft gray to minimize the visual impact.