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The Difference Between Cornice And Valance Window Treatments

If you have ever felt confused about the difference between a cornice and valance, you are not alone. Choosing the perfect window treatments can be daunting, especially if you’re shopping for window treatments for the first time.

Some of the elements that are most commonly confused are window treatment valances and cornices. Both valances and cornices top off your window to add a decorative touch, but there’s a distinct difference between the two.

What Is A Valance Drapery Panel?

A valance is a very short, drapery panel that sits at the top of the window. Either, a curtain or drapery rod or stapled to a backboard.

Valances are installed over the top of curtains on a curtain or drapery rod, and help to add texture and depth to a room, in addition to the window treatment itself.

A valance by itself looks just as good as a fully decked-out window when you don’t have the desire to block a great view but still want some sort of visual interest.

Valance Panels have a soft appearance that can look casual or formal depending on which style you are going for. With fabric hanging freely at the top of the window, valances instantly create interest when paired with other window treatments.

What Is A Cornice Window Treatment?

A Cornice Window Treatment is similar to a valance in the sense that they both top off your window treatment.

Made in various shapes and sizes, Cornice window treatments can blend naturally with the existing design of a room. You can vary them with different fabrics or shapes depending on the look you’re going for.

They can also help to block unwanted light around the top of your window treatments. Cornice Window Treatments are used to hide window treatment hardware or just to add a pop of color to the room.

Cornice Window Treatments are made out of solid materials (usually wood) and consist of fabric attached to a frame.

Whether you prefer the more structured look of a cornice or you like the soft feel of valances, you can have some flexibility in how you decide to top off your window treatments to add interest up the entire length of the wall.

We suggest layering window treatments to provide the look of a valance, with the flexibility to increase light coverage and privacy. For example, you can install wood blinds as your primary window treatment but layer a shade option, like Roman Shades, over the top to create the look of a valance.

Threadz Nola will give you custom draperies that will reflect your style and personality.

All of the window treatment options can be perfectly sized to your window. To Find the perfect valance or cornice to suit your style, please, contact us.

With the guidance and experience of Threadz Nola, the process of selecting the perfect style and fabric for your home will be informative and fun! Plus, from measuring, fabric selection, custom designing, and installation, we take care of everything for you!

To schedule a complimentary in-home or virtual consultation, call us at (504) 717-8180.

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