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Which Pleat Curtains Are Right For Your Windows?

There isn’t a right or wrong style when it comes to Pleat Curtains, it’s a preference. Deciding what you like and which style will work for your room can be overwhelming. With so many options available, weighing the importance of functionality or aesthetics and choosing a custom drapery or curtain style for your home can seem a bit overwhelming.

At Threadz Nola we start with a few design questions, to better assist you in your design goals.


  • What is the style of your room? Is it modern/contemporary? Traditional? Transitional?

  • Do you want them tailored, holding lines from the top of the drape to the floor OR a more relaxed look?

  • Would you like an exact floor length or a puddle?

  • Will the drapes be functional? Will you be opening and closing these drapes often or are they stationary (just framing your window)?

  • What degree of sunlight would you like to come through?

Once we have discussed these specifics, selecting a pleat style from one of the many style options should be a smoother process.

Threadz Nola's Recommended Styles:

French Pleat (Pinch Pleat)-the French pleat is typically used to compliment any traditional setting. The lines of the drapery from the two or three-fold fan at the top to the bottom hem. Easy to open and close this requires little to no dressing and gives a nice uniform fullness anytime.

Parisian Pleat- or Fan pleat is a twist on the traditional French pleat, the Parisian pleat offers the same ease and structure of the French pleat with a slight modern twist. This pleat is recommended for modern or transitional spaces and is a favorite of our designers.

Rod Pocket- this pleat style is typically used in traditional spaces. It is recommended if your you will not be opening and closing them often. These are often used as decorative drapes. If your is your drapes are long, you may not be able to reach them in order to move them. Rod Pocket drapery fits snugly onto the drapery rod and does not move easily.

Flat Panel (no pleats)– flat panels are typically used to cover larger spans with less fullness (less ripple), or are used to give a relaxed or unstructured look to your window. This style will need to be dressed down to get an even fullness.

Grommet- Grommet panels are clean and uniform by design typically they are a favorite for modern spaces. Grommets come in a range of finishes and diameters to compliment any window. Grommet panels require dressing to get an even fullness but are structured from top to bottom.

Inverted- the Inverted pleat has a structured heading but a more relaxed body. This works pleat works with modern and transitional styles. The “box” shaped pleat is tailored at the top but looses the lines as it falls towards the floor. This pleat requires no dressing to achieve a uniform look every time.

Cartridge- Cartridge pleat offers a cylindrical shape but the look of the flat panel retains the structure of a pleated drapes. This look is clean and modern but can also be used in transitional applications.

Threadz Nola will give you custom draperies that will reflect your style and personality; you really can’t go wrong with any pleat choice. But if you need a little advice, please contact us. All of the options can be perfectly sized to your window. You will be amazed at how seeing these in your home. With the guidance and experience of Threadz Nola, the process of selecting the perfect style and fabric for your home will be informative and fun! Plus, from measuring, fabric selection, custom designing, and installation we take care of everything for you! To schedule a complimentary in-home or virtual consultation call us at (504) 717-8180.

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