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How To Protect Patio Furniture During The Summer

Environmental elements can have an effect on our outdoor furniture.

Living in Louisiana, we are used to the unpredictable weather during the summer months.

Those of us who are not in Louisiana don’t need to worry, this is still a read for you!

Outdoor furnishings may be exposed to prolonged sunshine, humidity, rain, frost, winds, dust, pollen, salty ocean breezes, and wildlife.


Quality outdoor furniture is both an extension of our home living space and a financial investment, and it is important to take care of it and protect it from damage or wear.


Here are a few tips to do it:

1. Keep It Clean— The first tip we have for maintaining your outdoor furniture is to keep it clean by washing it on a regular basis, especially during the summer.

To avoid build up from elements such as dew, dust, rain and dirt, we recommend frequent, wash downs to help ensure all the materials on your furniture stay vibrant and strong.

Thorough cleaning helps in clearing moisture, dirt and other debris that can led to mold growth and rusting. With a little bit of soap and water you can rinse off your outdoor furniture in no time.

2. Protect Fabric— Outdoor furnishings should be treated with a coat of a protective seal to make them tolerant to harsh environmental conditions. The method of treatment varies based on the material of the furniture.

Wooden outdoor furnishings should be protected by a waterproof sealant that prevents them from absorbing moisture. This will prevent wood swelling, warping and cracking when exposed to humid conditions.

Waxing or painting is important for metallic and aluminum materials. Other than preserving the outdoor furniture, this treat also adds them a visual appeal.

There are also fabric coating protectors for textiles and upholstered materials such as cushions and pillows. Treat them after a thorough wash and dry. Plastic furniture may not require a special protection other than a wash with soapy water.

3. Use A Sunscreen or Protective Cover— Just like the sun can affect the color of our skin, it can affect the color of materials. This is why you should choose cushions that are designed to resist fading even in the harshest sun. Lower quality fabrics that are exposed to sunlight will lighten or fade, while wood tends to darken or discolor. To avoid color changes, it’s best to protect it from the sun’s UV rays. Consider using a furniture cover to protect your luxury outdoor furniture.

How to choose a good outdoor furniture cover

There are plenty of coverings in a range of sizes, shapes and colors.

What are the things to look for when ordering a patio furniture covers?

1. Versatility

A good covering should protect your furniture during all seasons. During summer, the cover should offer UV protection, water resistance during torrential rains and humidity during winter. It can be expensive setting to a different cover for every season.

2. Design

This is important considering factors such as buildup of moisture and humidity. Vents are important in a furniture cover to allow free air circulation and escape of moisture. This will largely prevent breeding of mildew and rust.

3. Cost

Pricing of coverings varies based on the material type or size you intend to order. The larger the material the more it cost. Some materials such as Vinyl cost extra dime due to their durability and flexibility.

Outdoor patio furniture should be covered especially during torrential rains, winter and when temperatures are soaring in summer. Doing this makes your outdoor investment to last long and remain beautiful. Due to the unpredictable nature of weather, plan ahead to avoid being caught unaware. Looking for more information or ready to shop? Threadz Nola can create high-quality outdoor furniture cushions and covers for all your favorite patio furniture.

Threadz Nola is family-owned and operated, specializing in custom Upholstery, Drapery, and Décor. We are a woman and minority-owned business, servicing clients across the United States. Our team is made up of master upholsterers and seamstresses with over 30 years of combined experience and a passion for craftsmanship.

Give Us A Call At (504) 717-8180.

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