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5 Home Decor Ideas You'll Obsess Over

From Big Renovations to Small Addition, These Five DecorTrends are Sure to Elevate Your Home

Colorful Curtains

Bring in the Spring with fun colorful curtains and draperies. Whether they are highlighting windows, being used as dividers, or covering shelves, choosing a pastel version of your favorite color for your customdrapery is a great way to introduce a bright freshness to your home.

Accent Walls

White is out (and all of her off-white sisters)! Add a pop of color to any room with an accent wall. Don't be afraid to choose multiple colors; wallpaper is fun way to introduce patterns, textures and combination of all your faves. This is a perfect way to balance different colors already in one room.

Statement Lighting

Whether it's a chandelier, lamp, or ceiling fixtures, make sure your lights make a statement. This bring fashion to functionality in your home and draws attention to your favorite painting, sculpture, or accent piece. May no corner be left unlit after this quick addition.


Because, of course! No better way to let the world know it is spring than freshflowers (or the really nice silk faux ones, we promise not to tell). Flowers add life, color, warmth, and class to any room. Pair with a unique vase to really bring it up a notch.

Kitchen Overhaul

Let's face it, we all love a good kitchen renovation. Spring clean more than just the inside of those dusty old cupboards. If Mrs. NeNe Leakes taught us anything, a white refrigerator is simply not it! Modern appliances, bronze fixtures,and brightly colored cabinetry are everything you need for the perfect HGTV cooking space.

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